Ordinary Days

"Ordinary Days" is a CD of original music that was released by Bat Kinane & The Whole Hog Band in March 2014 (Bat wrote 9 of the 10 songs on the album, with one composed by John Treacy). The album is a mix of all the styles of music the band play. The album won "BEST DEBUT ALBUM" at the Leinster Entertainment Awards in April 2014, and was championed by Liam Kett on KFM Radio. 

"This is no ordinary album, it is hewn from a rich vein of originality that rests easy with the Wicklow man."

Michael Commins - Country Living - Farmers Journal 

"Ordinary Days will help you get through them with a smile on your face."

Paul McGee - www.lonesomehighway.com 

"The result is an album that captures that rockabilly/hillbilly/country crossover sound and really entertains from start to finish. This is not an album that's going to put a strain on the old gray matter, it is one that's going to get the synapses firing and a whole load of rewards hitting those pleasure centres"

Neil King - Fatea.co.uk